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123Diet Combo Mix - Drops & Maintain Capsules

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123Diet Combo Mix - Drops & Maintain Capsules

Model: CD/123drops/Maintain/Combo
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Date Added: Wednesday 17 December, 2014

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Combo Mix - 123Diet Drops & maintain Detox Capsules. The combination of the 123Diet Drops and once your plan is finished, to further help and Maintain your weight loss the 123Diet Maintain go hand in hand to help you further. This unique formulation of both the Drops and the Maintain Capsules have been especially designed for the clients who have grown to expect positive results. Includes:
123Diet Maintain

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123Diet Maintain

Model: CD/123diet/Maintain
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Date Added: Wednesday 17 December, 2014

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123Diet MAINTAIN - Detox and Suppress Capsules This is a very effective Detox and appetite suppressor, and is aimed at com-lamenting 123Diet drops. The active ingredients in 123 Maintain include: Garcinia Cambogia, (As seen on Dr Oz) Gymnema Sylvestra, (reduce sugar and sweet cravings). African Mango Seed (As seen on Dr Oz, beneficial effects for diabetes, and obesity, as well as analgesic,
Thumb Knobber 2

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Thumb Knobber 2

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Product Description The Thumb knobber 2 is the newly designed cousin of the all-wood classic favorite of therapists and self care enthusiasts. Still about the size of a standard doorknob, it is made of durable polymer The base of the Knobble II is held in the palm of the hand, and the smoothly rounded tip is used to apply pressure to trigger points in soft tissue. The Knobble® II has the added

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